Suspension & Steering Parts 

At Kenworth of Louisiana, we understand the critical importance of a dependable suspension and steering system for heavy-duty trucks. These systems are the backbone of safe and smooth goods transportation, especially when navigating various terrains and road conditions.

Our suspension parts, including shocks, control arms, and suspension springs, are designed to absorb and manage road shock, providing a comfortable ride while preventing excessive tire wear and tear on your tires. Furthermore, these components play a pivotal role in maintaining proper wheel alignment and enhancing directional control.

On the steering front, our top-quality steering columns and tie-rod end ensure precise control, keeping your truck on the intended path, which is crucial for safety by minimizing accidents due to loose joints or components.

Understanding Heavy-Duty Truck Suspension

When it comes to heavy-duty trucks, the suspension system is crucial, quietly ensuring a smooth and stable ride. It's made up of key components like springs, shock absorbers, and the chassis itself, all working together. Their job? To soak up the bumps and jolts, keeping the cargo secure and the driver comfortable.

But here's the catch: taking care of this system is vital. Neglecting it can lead to uneven tire wear, tricky handling, and even compromised braking. So, keeping that suspension in tip-top shape isn't just about comfort-it's a matter of safety on the road.

Exploring Heavy-Duty Truck Steering Components

Let's take a closer look at the heavy-duty truck's steering components - the key behind smooth navigation. We've got the steering wheel, steering column, power steering pump, tie rods, and steering gearbox in this ensemble.

Each piece has a unique job, from turning the wheel to controlling the power steering. Together, they work like a well-oiled machine, affecting how the truck handles and steers. So, appreciating these components helps us understand how these massive vehicles can glide down the road with precision and control.

Commercial Truck Steering System Parts

A commercial truck's steering system is made up of key players like the trusty steering wheel, the steering column, the power steering pump, tie rods, and the steering gearbox. Each of these parts has a unique job in making sure that the big rig can turn and handle smoothly.

But you've got to give them some extra care through routine maintenance. Neglecting these components can lead to not only tricky handling but also safety risks on the road. So, looking after your truck's steering system isn't just a good idea-it's a must-do for responsible truck owners.

Choosing the Right Commercial Truck Suspension & Steering

Choosing the right suspension and steering systems for your Kenworth truck is crucial to match its specific requirements. Factors like the truck's weight, load capacity, and intended use play a significant role in making this decision.

Be vigilant for any telltale signs of wear and tear, like steering wheel play or sagging suspension, as these issues can affect your truck's overall performance and safety. Following a recommended maintenance schedule, including routine check-ups and part replacements, is a smart way to ensure your Kenworth truck's longevity and reliability.

Bring your Kenworth truck to any of our Kenworth Service Centers for maintenance and replacement.

If you're ever in doubt or need expert assistance, don't hesitate to schedule a service appointment at any of our Kenworth Service Centers. Our dedicated team is here to provide top-notch maintenance and replacement services to keep your Kenworth truck in top shape.

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