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4.5K Series Forklifts

4,500 lb Lift Capacity
The 4.5K Series forklift is lightweight and affordable, while offering a lifting capacity of 4,500 pounds. With standard features including strobe light, side shift, smart backup alarm, and corrosion resistance, the 4.5K Series operates intuitively and safely. For the long hauls, this unit features a Tier 4 compliant Kubota diesel engine and 6 speed GM transmission that are capable of propelling it along at 15 mph.

Additional Features:

  • A centralized weight distribution means easy loading and unloading
  • The 4.5K Series has the longest standard reach of any forklift on the market
  • It’s the only truck-mounted single axle solution available
  • This machine has the lowest ground pressure in the industry
  • All these add together to make the 4.5K Series Forklift the lightest, fastest, and most versatile forklift in America
4.5K Series Standard Specifications


The 4.5K Series forklift has an impressive 4,500 lb capacity to lift whatever you need. Its standard 70” of lift height reaches into high places with ease, too.


With a powerful, Tier 4 compliant 25 HP Kubota 3-cylinder diesel engine standard on the 4.5K Series, you can reach speeds of up to 15 mph for fast long hauls. If you prefer a gasoline engine, the available 50 HP Kubota gasoline engine has you covered.


The standard 70” single-stage mast has no problem unloading trucks or trailers of any size. If you need more height to reach those really high shelves, the 4.5K Series has an 88” single-stage option as well as a 96” / 120” two-stage.

Load Spacing

We don’t have to tell you how great it is to have a wide load spacing. The 4.5K Series from Donkey comes standard with a 64” spacing, with the option on either engine to widen it out to 68”.


The 4.5K Series forklift comes with 48” forks standard.


There are three tire options for any job on the 4.5K Series: Terra, Turf, and Skid.
*Custom options are available upon request.

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