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Low Profile Forklifts

4,000 lbs Lift Capacity
The Low Profile forklift adds value where other forklifts can’t. This affordable and lightweight forklift offers a lifting capacity of 4,000 pounds. This Donkey forklift is lightweight and, with a top speed of 15 mph, can greatly improve delivery time for those really long hauls. Stop by any of our Kenworth of Louisiana locations to shop the Low Profile Series forklift!

Additional Features:

  • Standard with side shift, strobe light, smart backup alarm, corrosion resistance, and more
  • Equipped with a Tier 4 compliant Kubota diesel engine and 6-speed GM transmission
  • This unit is the only truck-mounted single axle solution®
  • The Low Profile Series Donkey forklift has the longest standard reach in the industry
Low Clearance Forklift Specifications


The Low Profile forklift has the muscle to lift 4,000 lbs


Choose between the Tier 4 compliant 25 HP Kubota 3 cylinder diesel engine or optional 50 HP Kubota Gasoline Engine


The Low Profile forklift has a lift height of 67 inches, perfect for two stage low clearance.

Headboard Width

Choose between the 48” standard or the optional 60” headboard width.

Side Shift

4 inches total, with 2 inches on either side of the center.


Scissor reach is optional for both the single and two-stage masts 44” and 56”

Load Spacing

The Low Profile Series has a standard load spacing of 64 inches with an available 68-inch option that has no engine limitations!


Choose between three tire options: Terra, Turd, and Skid.

Third Wheel Drive

Standard for the Low Profile Series forklift.


Low Level Forklift Options

Auxiliary Hydraulic Valve Kit -

Quickly connect to power an auxiliary hydraulic tool.

Bio Oil -

Water-based hydraulic fluid (not recommended for use on 3WD units.

Block Heater -

110 V plug-in engine block heater

Custom Color -

Please submit a sample of your paint specifications, and we will create a sample plate for you! Once approved, we will paint your Donkey forklift to match your specifications.

Donkey Horn -

Upgrade your standard horn with a donkey horn! Spice up your day with the sound of a donkey braying instead of the usual, boring horn!

Donkey Glide -

An accumulator, pressured with nitrogen and absorbs shock from the load, is tied in with the mast hydraulics.

Dual Rear Axle -

A unique feature of Donkey forklifts, this axle is used for roll laying of sod. This feature is typically purchased alongside the rotary sod layer.

Extension Step -

Step that lowers to allow for safe access to the forklift when the lift is truck mounted.

Lumber Guard -

Moveable aluminum guards installed to protect long products and can be utilized to prevent interference when mounting.

Fork Positioner -

Hydraulically adjust the fork spacing from the operator’s seat.

Heavy Duty Tilt Cylinders and Rod Ends -

A standard feature on the 5K and 4KCH, this is an optional feature on all other Donkey forklift models.

High Capacity Pump -

Available only on 4-cylinder engines, this feature increases the volume of hydraulic output from 11 GPM to 15.8 GPM at 3,000 RPM.

Counter Weight -

Standard on 5K models with 150 lbs and 4KCH units with 100 lbs, counterweights are available for other Donkey forklift models at either 100 or 150 lbs.

Remote Valve -

For added safety, this valve can be mounted and unmounted without the operator ever having to climb on or off the forklift. The driver can access the mounting controls while safely on the ground.

SunShade -

The available AL sunshade is mounted on top of the operator’s cabin.

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Driven by a muscular and compliant Tier 4 Kubota diesel engine with a 6-speed GM transmission, the Low Profile forklift is ready to put the pedal to the metal. With state of the art features including the smart backup alarm and corrosion resistance, this Donkey forklift is jam packed with premium features to help you power through the work day. With a plethora of upgrade options, including the entertaining Donkey Horn, the Low Profile Series forklift is the perfect choice for your project's needs! Contact our team here at Kenworth of Louisiana to learn more about the incredible Low Profile forklift!

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