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Whether you need a commercial truck rental, help financing a trailer, or a truck leasing program that works for you, Kenworth of Louisiana’s got you covered! We provide rental and lease options at a great rate to our clients from New Orleans to Shreveport, and everywhere in between.

Lease Your Trucks from Kenworth of Louisiana

In today’s changing economy, leasing your trucks with Kenworth of Louisiana is the easiest way to ensure your fleet stays up to date with maintenance, free up your capital for other purposes, and have a worry-free way to deal with roadside issues and more. We offer a variety of plans including full service truck leasing programs, so you can choose the option that’s right for whatever job you have!

Commercial Truck Rental

If you experience regular fluctuations in demand, are exploring a new business opportunity, or have an unforeseen breakdown, Kenworth of Louisiana provides commercial truck rentals to help bridge those gaps. Renting a commercial vehicle from us gives you the confidence you need to propel your business to the next level.

Contract Maintenance at Kenworth of Louisiana

If you rent or lease from us and want to take advantage of regular, stress-free service, check out Kenworth’s contract maintenance plans. We take care of your fleet so you can take care of what matters—your customers! We’re committed to reducing your downtime and ensuring your fleet is safe and efficient, so you know you can trust Kenworth of Louisiana.

Whatever semi truck leasing, rental, or financing deals you’re looking for, you can find them here at Kenworth of Louisiana! Contact us or come visit any one of our locations across Louisiana today.