Benefits of Becoming a Diesel Mechanic

Looking for a dependable career as a diesel tech? Then come work with us at Kenworth of Louisiana! Our diesel mechanics have a love and great understanding of diesel engines, and truly set the bar high for commercial truck service and maintenance anywhere.

As a diesel engine service technician, you will frequently operate on commercial trucks. Plus, we use state of the art diagnostics at our 7 locations throughout Louisiana and have access to more than $9 million in parts inventory!

If you like generating good money, fixing things, and solving problems, this is a terrific career path for you. If you’re still not completely convinced, that’s okay! You can discover 5 reasons why diesel mechanic jobs are worthwhile by reading on.

1. Diesel Mechanics Are in Demand

It doesn’t matter if you’re driving from Baton Rouge to New Orleans, Lafayette to Lake Charles, or anywhere for that matter, you have undoubtedly seen a ton of trucks on the interstate. The performance of diesel engines is a job sector that is anticipated to expand by 8% in the US through 2030. In other words, diesel mechanics will always be needed because truck-based shipping won’t disappear any time soon.

2. Diesel Mechanics Are Paid Well

If you’re wondering how much do diesel mechanics make, they are actually paid quite well. A diesel mechanic salary can be up to $66,000! But it’s important to note that salary ranges might vary significantly based on aspects such as schooling, certifications, supplementary talents, and the length of time you've worked in the field. 

The more training you have, the better your pay is likely to be! Something like a CDL certification might be what sets you apart and helps you land a higher-paid job!

3. Become a Diesel Mechanic Fast

Did you know that you can receive the education necessary to operate as a diesel technician in two years or less, in contrast to some professions that call for a four-year degree? And in many cases, it can take only two semesters (or one year) to complete a Diesel Engine Performance Certificate program. As a result, you can spend less time in the classroom and more time on the job making money!

Become a Diesel Mechanic With Kenworth of Louisiana

Creating an inclusive workplace is truly just routine for Kenworth of Louisiana. In addition to excellent pay and career prospects, we also provide incentives for top performers, paid time off after a year, paid holidays, and a significant company match on a 401(k) retirement plan. 

There truly is no better place to be as a diesel mechanic! Feel free to check out our job postings online or contact us for more information. We look forward to assisting you!