Air Disc Brake System and Troubleshooting Guide

The popularity of disc brakes seems to have increased dramatically over the last decade. Safety is the biggest reason for the popularity increase. Many fleets and owner operators are switching to disc brakes due to the increased stopping distance of the disc brake versus conventional drum brakes. Another key factor to them is the ease of maintenance. Changing of brake pads literally takes less than 20 minutes including installation and removal of tires. Although the cost of pads is more than the conventional shoes, the labor savings still outweighs the increased pad cost. Fewer moving parts also make disc brakes a better choice. No s-cams or bushing to worry about greasing or replacing.

According to the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA), August 21st through the 27th will be Brake Safety Week for 2022! This is a coordinated effort between multiple jurisdictions in North America during which inspectors will perform brake safety inspections and report the results to CVSA, culminating in an annual report that will be released later this year. Since the majority of major violations found during these inspections are related to brakes, there is no better time than now to make sure yours are in good working order. And if you need to order some new ones, or anything for your truck or fleet, head over to our parts department!