How is the Chip Shortage Affecting the Truck Industry?

The electronic chip shortage -- nearly everyone is talking about it. Many industries have been impacted, from technology companies to automakers, and yes, commercial truck producers. The current shortage is a result of several elements, like a perfect storm, but where did this chip shortage come from, and why does it matter to truck manufacturers? 

What Caused the Chip Shortage?

A decrease in chip production as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, water damage at shipping facilities, and the worst drought Taiwan has seen in decades has run chip production off the rails. As the world went under lockdown, automakers canceled orders for these electronic chips that power everything from safety systems to power windows. Chipmakers then diverted those supplies to computers, televisions, and other goods. With the world spending more time at home, electronics were in high demand. 

Now that consumers are starting to poke their noses back in the sun, chip producers can’t crank them out fast enough. Global demand for microchips skyrocketed, and while truck OEMs purchase a relatively low volume of chips compared to automotive and consumer electronic manufacturers, they were quick to feel the supply chain shortage. However, Kenworth General Manager Kevin Baney said that Kenworth has managed this relatively minor crisis well, and he expects the situation to be resolved with only minimal production disruptions. 

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